Antibiotics and Aliens

I am allergic to several different antibiotics, so when my kids need antibiotics, I don't like it. This week, 2 of my 3 kids need antibiotics! My 3 year old has an abscess on his back and my 11 year old has a bad cold which the dr. said might be becoming bronchitis, so they're both on antibiotics. Well, since I'm allergic to both of the ones my kids are taking, if you looked in my house while I'm giving them their medicine, you might think an alien is in my house! :) I have to put on latex gloves and a white mask, and I try to hold the medicine as far away from me as possible as I shake it and retrieve the proper dose. I then, in a robot like fashion, bend over and give my son his medicine, who of course tells his dad when he comes home from work, "Mommy has to be funny when she gives me my medicine," and then he laughs. So, I will be glad when these 10 days are over and I can go back to just being Mom, not Mom who looks funny and like an alien.