First Dance Competition of the Year

I mentioned yesterday that today I would tell you about my daughter's dance competition this past weekend. It was Friday night and Saturday; we were the lucky ones because other dancers had to compete Thursday through Sunday - if she was tired after just 2 days, those other kids must be exhausted. In the first picture above, my daughter is on the bottom right, kneeling down, wearing glasses. In the second picture, my daughter is the one in the middle. She is a clown.

Friday night's competition went well. It was a production number(the one in the picture) and the song was "Circus" by Brittany Spears. The kids in the group range from 10 years old to 18 years old. The older kids are really nice and help take care of the younger ones. It was a little hectic when we first showed up because we had just received the costume earlier in the week, and there were many adjustments that had to be made. The socks had to be cut, so that they could wear their lyrical shoes over their toes, the skirts had to be pinned to the leotards so that they would stay in the right place as they danced, and my daughter's also had to be pinned to her tutu because her skirt was too big. We all worked together and got it done - one teenager cut the socks for everyone, another mom helped me pin her skirt to her tutu, and I helped pin everyone's skirt to their leotard.

Saturday's competition was a jazz number, "Life of the Party," and the kids ranged from 5 years old to 14 years old. We also had to adjust the costumes by pinning skirts to shorts, but thankfully we got it done in time. The awards weren't until 5 hours after she danced, so that wasn't very fun. We went back to the hotel and ate lunch, but we had to check out 2 hours before the awards. We just hung out in the lobby and played some travel games, until it was time to go back for the awards.

Both of the groups did very well. They received Platinum(the highest award), first place overall, and the "Circus" group also received a showmanship award. It must be for their costumes(see above picture).