Friday Savings and Monday Savings

I'm sorry I have to combine both savings today, but my daughter had a dance competition this weekend(I'll write about that tomorrow). At Walmart I spent $67.32 because it was the end of the month and I wanted to use some of my coupons that will expire on the 31st, so I bought a little more than I normally would - at a good price, though.

At Vons I spent $13.33 and saved 46%. Kraft spiral mac & cheese is on sale for $.75, Quaker granola bars for $1.88 + a coupon for $1, Chef Boyardee for $.75, Lucerne American cheese slices for $1.99, Fresh Express salad for $.99 +$.55 coupon, which they almost doubled for an additional $.44 making the salad free, and a free Vons canvas shopping bag with a coupon from the internet.

Ralphs didn't really have any good sales for me this week, so I didn't shop there.

At Smart & Final, 2 lb. of their pasta for $1.49, General Mills Cereal for $1.99, and Gogurt for $1.99 + $.40 coupon.

At Albertsons I spent $15.30 and saved $9.17. Their chicken is $.67/pound, Dryers ice cream $2.39, Drumsticks $1.99, sliced olives $1, Poptarts $1.75, and Welches juice for $2.19 + $.75 coupon + Albertsons doubled it.

Not bad for a week's worth of shopping. Although I just got back from my Easter basket shopping at Walmart and spent $85! It's hard to save there - I only had one coupon for $2 off candy. Not much goes on sale for the holidays, unfortunately.