Friday Savings

Today at Walmart I spent $62. My favorite savings item was Sure deoderant on sale for $1.96 + $1 coupon, so I only paid $.96. I added it to my give away items.

At Von's I saved 53%. Sargento sliced and shredded cheese is on sale for $1.49, gogurt and Trix are only $2.00(I only paid $.20 for 1 of them because I had an $.80 e-coupon, and an
$.80 manufacturer coupon which doubled for an additional $.20 off ),Gerber Graduates $1.00(also added to give away items), and my favorite is Pop Tarts on sale + store coupon $1.00 - unfortunately the limit was 2.

At Ralph's(Kroger's) I saved $22. A whole chicken is on sale for only $.67/pound! Chex mix for $2, Pringles Super Stack for $1.25, and I received my rain check grapes for $.79/pound.