Friday Savings

Today at Walmart my bill was $45.17, after coupons it was $42.46, and after my $10 gift card earned from, I paid $32.46! My favorite buy was for my charity box, and it was Suave deoderant on sale for $.97, with a coupon for $.75, making it only $.22!

At Von's today I was a little disappointed. I was only able to find 2 things in the weekly flier that was a good buy for me this week.. I bought broccoli for $.99/pound and thin pork chops for $3.49/pound. I wanted to buy pork tenderloin for $1.91/pound, which is a huge discounted price, but the only ones for sale were huge! They took up a whole section in the meat department - I wouldn't have had enough room in my freezer for all that meat. So, I only saved 10% today.

At Ralph's today, I did better, I saved $25.40! Their Deluxe ice cream was on sale for $1.49, Motts apple juice for $.99, S&W diced tomatoes for $.49, American Beauty pasta for $.69, and Pop Secret popcorn for $1.99.