My Son's Church Trumpet Concert

My son will be so happy when he gets home from school! I can't wait! He was invited in Feb. to play his trumpet with a brass group that would accompany the church choir. Well, he unfortunately got sick(I will give more details about his sickness in another blog), and wasn't able to go to the last practice, so he couldn't perform. Well, he just received another invitation to play with the brass group and the choir for Good Friday. Of course, April 1(the last practice before Good Friday) he is having an endoscopy done at Children's Hospital, so he would have to miss the last practice again. So, I decided to ask the choir director if he would allow my son to go to all the other practices and just miss the last practice. Well, he just e-mailed me back and said, "Yes!" My son will be so happy. This sickness has really interfered with his life, so for once, he won't have to be disappointed. Yeah!