Shouldn't Have Said Anything

Yesterday, my blog was about my son's sickness. Well, of course today, I get a call from the school nurse telling me my son was in her office. It was only an hour until school was out, but he didn't feel good and felt he couldn't make it, so I had to go pick him up. He doesn't think he's getting an "abdominal migraine," he thinks it's just related to his cold. I sure hope so, and I hope he gets better very soon because he can't have the endoscopy if he's sick; and the dr. only does the procedure once a month, and the insurance is only authorized until April 9, so if it doesn't get done next week, who knows when it will be done. If any of you would be willing to, would you please pray he gets better very soon and can have the test done next week, and we will have a solution. Thanks!