Dance Competition this Weekend

We are so busy getting ready for my daughter's dance competition this weekend! It's at the Hilton next to Universal Studios, and it's classes from 8-2 on Sat., followed by a competition; and classes 8-2 on Sunday, followed by a show put on by the teachers and then awards. It's at least 2 hours away, and with LA traffic, more like 3. So, we have to leave sometime Friday.

Usually my daughter and I go to competitions by ourselves, but because this one is so far away and for a couple of nights and days, my husband and 2 sons joined us last year. This year, my older son doesn't want to go because he's afraid he'll get sick, and the state testing at school started this week and lasts for 4 weeks. I don't blame him, since we don't know exactly what sets off his sickness, but being car sick does seem to be a contributing factor, it's fine that he wants to stay here. My husband decided last night that my son can stay with my parents(they offered) and my husband and 3 year old son will come with us.

So, now I'm torn. I'm glad they're coming with us because I hate to be alone, but I also hate being so far away in case my older son gets sick, and my 3 year old was kind of difficult last year. He couldn't sleep well in the hotel, so of course neither could any of us. He also broke one of the dance competition signs, on accident of course, but it was still very embarrassing. I couldn't fix it, and my husband and older son were sightseeing, but luckily I saw another "dance dad" from our studio and he fixed it.

One nice thing about my husband coming is he can go and get us food for our meals(I have to stay at the hotel for my daughter's breaks), because even though it's a fancy and expensive Hilton, they don't have refrigerators! The other $99 hotels that we've stayed at have refrigerators, microwaves, and nice continental breakfasts, but of course the very expensive Hilton doesn't!

Anyway, I will definitely be doing a lot of praying the rest of this week and this weekend for lots of patience, peace, and health. I'll let you know how it goes.