Endoscopy is Over!

We ended up getting a call from the hospital yesterday, moving the endoscopy to 8:00am with check-in at 6:00am, so we had to leave at 5:00am! It worked out though, because even though it was raining, since it was so early in the morning, there wasn't any traffic yet. We got to the hospital on time.

We had to wait to check-in because there were already 2 younger kids in front of us. After check-in, they gave us directions to the surgery registration room. The nurse checked us in again, and took his vitals. We then had to go to the waiting room. Another nurse called us in and went over the procedure with us, and took all of his health information. We then went back to the waiting room again. At around 7:45, another nurse called us in to the endoscopy suite. She told us about the procedure again and paged the dr. In the meantime, we met the anesthesiologist. The dr. asked us some more questions and then we went into the procedure room. I prayed with Ernesto and then they gave him strawberry smelling gas to make him fall asleep. He fought it and kept telling us he couldn't breathe, and grabbed at his chest. We all assured him he was fine and they were monitoring him. He finally fell asleep and I had to leave the room. The dr. came out in about 20 minutes and said he was done. Everything looked fine, no inflammation, and he took some biopsies, which we will go over at our follow-up appointment next Thursday.

I then had to go back to the original waiting room until another nurse came in and told me he was waking up. He was still groggy, and had a very itchy nose, and was bothered by his hair(he kept moving it on his forehead). He tried a sip of Gatorade, but was nauseous, although he said it was tolerable, because of his sickness he's used to the nausea. The nurse gave him some nausea medicine, which made him fall asleep. She came back after a short time, woke him up, and made him sit up. Another person removed his i.v. and took his vitals. His blood pressure was a little low, but the nausea was better, so they sent him home! I thought they would keep him longer until his blood pressure was higher and he would tolerate liquids, but the nurse told me because he has a history of nausea, he would be fine.

He's been o.k. at home so far. He ate some soup and crackers for lunch and has fallen asleep for a short while a couple of times. We'll have to see how he is later because tonight I have to go to a parent incoming freshman(next year) orientation at the high school. If he's still sleepy, my daughter will have to miss dance and stay here and take care of her little brother while I go to the meeting. Thankfully, Ernesto's attendance isn't required at the meeting.

Anyway, thanks for your prayers and I will let you know next week what the doctor says.