Friday Savings

I surprised myself today at Walmart - I only spent $23.15! I didn't need too much this week because a lot of the ingredients I need for this week's dinners, I've previously purchased on sale. Also, the meat I was going to buy is cheaper at Smart & Final and Costco, so I will go there next week to buy it, instead.

Vons had a lot of great sales this week, so I spent $31.53 and saved $23.47, which is 43%. Little Debbies were $1.00, 10lb. russet potatoes $.99(which I put in my charity box), 12 pack 7up for $2.49, Prego pasta sauce $1.25, Lunchables $1.00, Deli Creations $2.00, Gogurt and Trix $2.00 + a coupon for $.80, a 12 pack and 16 pack of cheddar sticks and string cheese $2.99, and Hot/Lean Pockets $1.50.

I really had fun shopping at Ralphs today. I bought things that weren't on my list, which normally isn't a good thing to do, but in this case it was. They had Easter candy on sale for 75% off the normal price! M&M's, reeses, cadbury eggs, Nestle, Brachs, 3 Musketeers, and Whoppers were all $1.00 or less for a regular size bag. I saved an average of $2.62 per bag. I was expressing my excitement over the great deals to my kids, and that made a few of the other ladies that were shopping stop and look at me funny. That's o.k. because I saved a lot of money and we now have enough candy to probably last us until Christmas. :) So, anyway, I only spent $17.24 and saved $39.27! I also bought $.47/lb. bananas, $.99/lb. broccoli, and $.99/lb. cauliflower. So, it wasn't all junk food.

I also had collected a lot of things over the past month in my charity box, so I called the lady that uses the food to give to the people in the apartment complex she and her husband manage, and she came to pick it up. It is so great to be able to share my savings with people who need it.