Monday Savings

I had to go to CVS Friday night because my daughter had dance competition all weekend. I spent $3.48 and saved $10.76! That was a great deal! CVS flossers were on sale for $.77(charity box), Edge shaving gel for $2.79 + $1.80 extra bucks for next time(charity - it's great to find a man's product for charity, it's so rare), Del Monte ketchup for $1.00, Bumble Bee tuna for $.49(charity), and Gatorade for $.77. I also had $4.49 in Extra Bucks from last week's shopping trip.

Today at Smart & Final I spent $7.99 and saved $7.04, almost 50%. A 5 pound box of cuties were on sale for $3.99, Wishbone Dressing for $1.00, and Lunchables for $1.00. I will have to look into their warehouse size products(like Costco or Sams Club) sometime, because there were a lot of people today buying huge boxes of crackers and cookies. Maybe they were on sale too, or maybe they run a daycare.

At Albertson's today I spent $34.06 and saved $12.56. The savings doesn't really reflect my actual savings because I had a raincheck for 2 Jennie-O ground turkey packages for $1.99. Since it was a rain check, they just rang it up as $1.99, so it didn't actually show the savings of a regular package which is usually $5-6. So, anyway, Dole Sensations juice was on sale for $1.99 + $1 coupon(this is the best way to try something new, that way if you don't like it, you didn't spend much), Albertson's shredded cheese $1.88, Shopper's Value 1.75qt.(not the usual 1.5qt) for $1.99, Chicken thighs buy one get one free, Albertson's bakery cookies $2.50, and ice cream cups $2.99 everyday value price.