Dance Competition this Weekend - Follow Up

Well, things certainly didn't go as planned this past weekend. I got a call from the school nurse on Friday at lunch, because my 13 year old son wasn't feeling good. He thought it was because he didn't get to eat his snack or drink anything for several hours because the band played for several assemblies. So, I brought him home and he had some Gatorade and then took a nap. Unfortunately he still wasn't feeling better, so my daughter and I had to head off to the dance competition alone. It took us 2 hours to get there, and of course, I missed the turn to the hotel, and ended up at the Universal Studios parking entrance. I was crying and luckily the parking attendant was kind and told me how to turn around and find our hotel. We finally found it and parked at the first spot I found. We checked in, saw some other dance friends, and got settled in our room.

The next morning, we woke up early and had to do part of my daughter's hair, because after 6 hours of dance classes, she would only have a few minutes to get ready for competition. I dropped her off at her classes, and took a walk around the hotel. I went back to the room and refilled the ice chest with ice. I decided to call and see how my son was doing. My husband and younger son had left him there with no breakfast. Luckily he can make his own toast, so I told him to do that, and then called my husband. They headed home and soon after that my husband called to tell me they were on their way to the emergency room! When he went home and tried to get my son to drink something, he refused, so off they went to the ER. I begged him to wait until the afternoon until my daughter had a chance to compete, but he refused. So, I had to go down to the ballroom, and pull my daughter out of class. I first found other dance moms, who were very concerned with me, because by this point I was sobbing. I was so sad for my daughter to miss this weekend, I was concerned about my son, and frustrated with my husband. Another mom found our dance teacher, and some moms were willing to keep my daughter there with them, but she wanted to come with me. So, we packed everything up and checked out, and drove 3 hours to the ER. I stayed there with my son and everyone else went home. Five hours, 3 iv bags of fluid, and 2 medications later, we headed home.
So, although this weekend didn't turn out the way we wanted, I did end up having some positive experiences. First, I never knew any of the dance moms actually liked us, and was happy to find out they do - one mom even told me she knows I think I'm all alone, but I'm really not. Second, the hotel check-out lady didn't charge me for the second night since it was an emergency and she wanted to pray for my son by name. Third, the dance teacher wasn't mad and isn't going to charge us a re-staging fee, and my daughter is still free to try out again next year. God is good!