Monday Savings

My CVS savings for last week: I spent $3.52 and saved $9.63! Van Camps pork and beans were $.50, Palmolive dish liquid $.88 + $.70 coupon(even the cashier commented on the great savings, so I told her about using my savings for charity - hopefully it will make her do the same), Irish spring soap $.99(charity), and Kraft parmesan cheese $2.99. I also had $1.80 Extra Bucks from last week's shopping trip.

At Smart & Final today I spent $10.39 and saved $13.98. General Mills cereal was on sale for $1.99 + two $.55, and $1 off coupons, white corn for $.33 each, oranges $.33 per pound, and Wishbone salad dressing $1.00. You don't need to have a card there anymore for their savings; it's deducted automatically at the cash register.

At Albertson's today, not too much was on sale that I needed. I spent $7.07 and saved $4.70. Cheezits were $3.79 each, which isn't much of a savings, but the store had a coupon for $2 off, and it said it would make them $1.50 each. Obviously, if you do the math, that wasn't the case, but I didn't have the coupon anymore, the cash register did, so I didn't bother to dispute it. Also, cream cheese was $1.49.