Monday Savings

On Saturday at CVS, I spent $3.39 and saved $12.86! Now that's a great deal! Too bad I can't figure out how to do that every time at every store. Del Monte ketchup was on sale for $1(us and charity), Lady Speed Stick for $2.99 + $2 extra bucks for next time(charity), Dial Soap for $1.88 + $1 extra bucks + $.35 coupon(charity), and VO5 shampoo and conditioner for $.77(us and charity). I also used 2 $4 extra bucks that I earned last week. I learned something new this week: they also give out rain checks for items that are on sale and have extra bucks rewards. I knew they gave them for sale prices, but I never knew they gave them for extra bucks. That's why "it never hurts to ask."

At Smart & Final today, I spent $5.70 and saved $3.92. Broccoli was on sale for $.69/pound, First Street 8 oz. shredded cheese for $1.49, and First Street salad dressing for $.99(us and charity). They also had Oscar Meyer hot dogs buy one get one free, but one package is $3.49 and 2 packages at Walmart are $3, so it's cheaper to just buy them at Walmart.

At Albetsons I spent $21.92 and saved $16.03. Lunchables were on sale for $1, celery for $.99 each, Shopper's value ice cream cups for $2.49, Shopper's Value ice cream for $1.99, and sweet onions for $.99/pound. It always pays to check your receipts because I noticed I was charged $1.69/pound for the onions. I went to the customer service desk and pointed it out. They found out I was charged for the wrong onions and they refunded my money. I asked if I should pay there or get back in line to pay the right price for the onions and she told me it was their error, so the onions were mine to keep for free!