New Covergirl Blast Makeup

I love to try out new products, especially when I get them for free. So, I joined this site: It's a great site and it's also tied to another site I'm part of: As I complete various tasks at the Bzzagent site, I earn points that go to the Mypoints site, which I redeem for Walmart gift cards, which I use when I go grocery shopping.

So, anyway, back to the topic. One of the Bzzagent campaigns is for Covergirl's new Blast Makeup. I received a purple plume SmokyShadow blast. The eyeshadow is convenient because everything you need to apply the eyeshadow and eyeliner is just in one container. I had to put a lot of eyeshadow on in order for it to be seen behind my glasses, but it did look nice. Here is the link about the product:, so you can see it for yourself.

I also received a sparkler(shade of pink) ShineBlast lipgloss, which I really love! It's easy to apply because it has a shaped applicator, and it made my lips sparkle. It also helped ease my chapped lips. I would definitely buy this for myself. Here is the link to the product:, so you can see it for yourself.

Let me know if you've tried either of these products, and what you think about them.