Friday Savings

At Walmart today I was finally able to spend less since I didn't have as much to buy. My purchase total was $54.45 and I had $2.05 in coupons.

At Vons today I spent $10.62 and saved $17.58. Corn on the cob was 5 for $1, Hillshire Farms sausage $1.99 + $1 coupon, Nabisco snack crackers for $1.69 + $1 coupon on the box that my daughter noticed(I'm training her for her future :) ), and $.88 for sour cream from a coupon they sent me in the mail. I also recieved a $1 coupon for my next shopping trip. This was a weird trip because I had a coupon from this week's flier for $.99 for Ragu pasta sauce. When the lady rang it up, it wouldn't accept the coupon because the dates were for last week. She thought I was trying to cheat and had brought a coupon from last week's flier. I showed her where I cut it out from my flier and said maybe it had been a misprint, but she wasn't convinced. Then, they had Lunchables on sale for $.99. Well, of course the one I picked that was in the same section and the same kind as all the rest rang up as $2.49! They did a price check on it and all the other chicken varieties were $.99, but not the one I purchased. So, I had to go to customer service and get a refund. I'm sure that cashier hopes she never has me again as a customer, but, if it's not the deal I was expecting I don't want it when I can buy it cheaper somewhere else. That's why I always check my receipt before leaving the store.

At Ralphs today I spent $15.08 and saved $30.81. Strawberries were on sale for $.88(that's the best price I've seen yet), blueberries for $1.50, Bryers for $2.19 + $.75 coupon which was doubled, Country Crock margarine for $2.49, and Gatorade for $.69 + $1.50 coupon from last shopping trip.