Friday Savings

Today at Walmart I spent $82.16 and used $5.48 in coupons. Their milk and bread prices went up this week, so I'll have to check at Costco to see what their prices are. It varies from week to week as to which of those stores has the best prices. I also had to buy a new shower curtain and rings for my kids' bathroom. The bottom of their old one was starting to get some mold on it and since we just found out my son is allergic to mold, I had to replace it, rather than just clean it.

At Vons today I spent $16.89 and saved $19.61, which is 54%. Strawberries were on sale for $.99, and then Vons had a lot of store coupons for Fritos/Ceetoes $1.49, Skippy $1.49, sliced cheese $1.99, Nabisco vanilla wafers $1.99, Welches juice $1.99 + $.75 coupon doubled, and string cheese for $2.49. I also had a coupon for $1 off my shopping trip earned last week.

At Ralphs I spent $11.18 and saved $15.87. Peaches were on sale for $.99/pound, blueberries $.99 for a container, and Pepperidge Farm cookies $1.99 + $.55 coupon doubled. I thought the peaches were $.59/pound, so when they rang up for $.99, I questioned the cashier. She walked with me to the produce section and showed me that there were actually 2 different kind of peaches and the ones I picked were $.99. Oh well! That will teach me to be more careful when I pick peaches. :) They also have a coupon book they were handing out for $180 worth of coupons. I haven't looked at it yet, but hopefully I can find some good savings in it.