Monday Savings

At CVS on Saturday I spent $4.95 and saved $4.18. Campbells tomato soup was $.50, eggs $1.79, and Soft Scrub $1.99. I unfortunately didn't earn any extra bucks this trip or have any to use from last week, or any coupons. Hopefully next week they'll have better deals for me.

At Smart and Final today, I spent $1.00 and saved $1.45. Corn on the cob was on sale for 5 for $1. Now, if that was all I had to buy, I wouldn't have made the trip. I had planned on purchasing asparagus and onions, but it didn't work out. The asparagus had purple tips and stems, and I've never seen that before, so I wasn't sure I should buy it. Has anyone ever seen that before and know if it's o.k.? The store only had more expensive onions on sale, so I asked a worker about the cheaper ones. She found out they didn't come in so I should ask for a raincheck. The cashier couldn't find any rainchecks, so he told me to knock on the manager's door. He wanted to verify the info. I gave him, even though I gave him employee names, so I had to wait. He came out of his office with a rain check! That was a lot of work just to save money on some onions!

At Albertsons I spent $6.86 and saved $9.72. Green grapes were on sale for $.89/pound and Aquafresh toothpaste was only $1. I also had to buy ice cream cups for the kids, which weren't on sale. I used a $2 coupon I earned last week by completing a survey. This was an exciting trip because when we arrived a man was putting up yellow tape around a tree in the parking lot. That is usually where I park so I parked a couple of rows away. I then noticed his truck, pest control. When we were near the entrance of the store, we looked across to that tree and saw a HUGE bee hive! While shopping, I realized the van windows were open, and proceeded to shop very quickly, so I would finish before the bees got angry and looked for a new home. We checked out, ran to the van, jumped in and closed the windows just as the man was finishing putting on his beekeeper suit and ready to head up the ladder to the hive. We kept the windows closed all the way home, just in case. Can you tell I'm super scared of bees?