Friday Savings

Today at Walmart I spent $32.07 and had $1 in coupons! It's been awhile since I've been able to have such a low grocery shopping trip. I'm using meat I previously bought on sale, vegetables from our garden and some on sale at another store and some from last week, and lots of other ingredients I've previosly bought on sale. I wish I could do this every week.

At Vons today I spent $11.46 and saved $7.03, which is 38%. Looking at the prices of what I bought, I thought my savings would be a greater percentage, but the items they had on sale, showed up at the correct price on the receipt, but they didn't show up as being a sale price. Anyway, Dole juice was on sale for $1.99, Hot/Lean Pockets $1.50, and Lucerne ice cream novelties $1.49.

At Ralphs today I spent $1.05 and saved $18.63! Now that's more like it. Ralphs oatmeal was on sale for $2(I originally was going to buy Quaker oatmeal on sale for 50% off, but Ralphs brand was still cheaper than that), Ralphs can vegetables $.60, Speed Stick deoderant $.88(charity) + $.50 coupon which was doubled, and cauliflower was $.99/pound, although I bought it thinking it was only $.99 for a whole one. I also had $8 rewards that I earned last quarter.

At CVS today I spent $1.56 and saved $4.83. Dawn was on sale for $.97 + $.25 coupon, and Colgate Total was $2.99 + $.50 coupon + $2 extra bucks for next time. I also had $2 extra bucks earned from last time to help pay for this shopping trip.