Friday Savings

Today at Walmart, I spent $70.76 and had $8.48 in coupons. See, every week can't be as great as last week, unfortunately. One nice thing, though, is one of the coupons I used was on the item I bought, a Lloyds bbq tub. It's always nice to find coupons on items that you can actually use. I also didn't actually pay for the groceries with our own money; I used a rebate card from the purchase of my son's trumpet.

At Ralphs I spent $24.31 and saved $19.05. I would've saved more, but Walmart was out of several items, so I had to buy them here. Luckily a couple of those items were on sale, but not all of them. Cheetos and Fritos were on sale for $1.49, Capri Sun $1.49, Pillsbury crescent rolls $1.49 + $.50 coupon, $.99 Quaker rice cakes, strawberries $1.50, lean beef cube steak $3.99/lb., and lettuce $.99.

At CVS I spent $1.23 and saved $5.40! That was a good deal, and all of it is for charity. Softsoap, Colgate toothbrush and Irish Spring were on sale for $.99 each. I also had $2 in extra bucks from last time to help pay for my purchase.

One weird thing happened while I was at CVS. When I got out of the van, a woman approached me and said she needed money to buy gas and she had a $42 CVS gift card. She would sell it to me for $30 and go with me in to CVS while I bought my items with the gift card, to prove that the gift card really had that amount of money on it. I have never been asked anything like that before, so I declined. My husband said that was the right thing to do, because maybe the card was stolen, or who knows what else. I felt really bad saying no, but my kids were with me too, and I was kind of afraid. What would you have done?