Friday Savings

Today at Walmart I spent $61.02 and used $2.25 in coupons. I also used the rest of the rebate card to pay for $35 of the bill. One expensive item I had to buy was sunblock for my 3 year old - it was $8.97!

At Vons I spent $8.56 and saved $9.50, which is 53%. Pork chops were on sale for $2.49/lb., pears for $.77/lb., and I also had to buy a bag of carrots because Walmart was still out, which unfortunately wasn't on sale. They didn't have any pork chops in their meat dept., but instead of settling for pork chops that weren't on sale, I asked the butcher and luckily, he had them in the back, he just had to wrap them. See, it never hurts to ask!

At Ralphs I spent $4.76 and saved $8.20. Cantaloupe was on sale for $.88 each, Danimals crush cups $1.88 + $1 coupon, and Doritos for $1.50. One nice thing I noticed is on my Ralphs receipt, it mentioned that I bought the recalled eggs, and could return them for a refund. That was nice, but we already ate them, and thankfully didn't get sick.