Friday Savings

Today at Walmart I spent $110.85 and had $4.50 in coupons. I know it was a lot of money this week, but unfortunately, a few of the things I needed to buy were rather expensive. My shaving blade cartridges were $19.97, luckily I had a $3 coupon, but that's still a lot. Anyone have a cheaper suggestion? Also, my sons needed socks and underwear and those are over $5 each. Same with my Pronamel toothpaste. So, all of those made the trip expensive.

At Vons today, I spent $6.08 and saved $5.97, which is 50%. Aquafresh was on sale for $.99, Safeway can fruit $.88, Lucerne cream cheese $.99, and Yoplait Gogurt $2 + $.75 coupon(which was doubled) + $.75ecoupon.

At Ralphs today, I spent $2.96 and saved $5.81. Golden Graham cereal was on sale for $1.98 + $1 coupon and Lunchables for $.99.