Monday Savings

At CVS on Friday, I spent $1.38 and saved $1.28. Gold Emblem ravioli was on sale for $.69. When the cashier was ringing up my items, even she commented on how great a deal it was! Now, I didn't go to the store for just these ravioli, but the other 2 things I wanted were out of stock. So, I had to get a rain check, and luckily their rain check includes the sale price and the extra bucks.

Today at Smart and Final, I spent $1.67 and saved $.67. Although, the savings doesn't accurately reflect what I really saved. Green beans were on sale for $.79/pound and sweet onions were on sale for $.59/pound. For some reason, whenever the sweet onions are on sale, they ring up as yellow onions which are only $.49/pound, normal price. I mentioned it to them before, and they said that's just how they ring up. So, I really did get the sweet onions for an even better deal than the advertised sale price, although it's not reflected in my savings total on my receipt.

At Albertsons I spent $4.48 and saved $3.29. Wacky mac pasta was on sale for $1 + $.50 coupon, mini watermelon $2.99, and whipping cream $.99. I just got lucky on the whipping cream. It wasn't an advertised deal, and Walmart didn't have any, so I had to buy it here. Lucky for me, it was on sale. :)