Preschool is Closed

Well, I just got a very upsetting call last night. Our church preschool that my son was supposed to attend next month, is being closed. Apparently it wasn't able to financially support itself and in this tough economy, our church couldn't help support it either. So, now with most preschools starting in 2 weeks, I'm trying to scramble and find another preschool for my son to attend.

I left messages at 3 preschools this morning and I missed the call back from one, and I have a tour of one on Monday(it's the same preschool my daughter attended 8 years ago, but they told me to read about them on the website because things have changed). So, now I'm still waiting for 2 call backs.

I did get in touch with 2 other preschools, but one only has 3 full days as their part-time program, and I only want to send him 2 mornings a week. I went to visit another preschool today, and it was o.k., but it isn't my first choice. They were really big into safety, which is great, but not too much into academics, which I'm looking for. So, the search goes on, and I don't have much time. Talk about a major frustration!