Friday Savings

Today at Walmart, I spent $72.78 and had $5.80 in coupons. It was a little expensive because I bought a pork loin roast for $10.43 because my parents are coming over for dinner tomorrow night. The roast will be put to good use though - we'll all eat it for one dinner, I will send some home with my parents, and my older son and I will eat it in sandwiches for lunch. I learned my lesson last week about making sure to pay attention to the prices on the cash register. I only bought Nestle Drumsticks because they were on sale for $3.98, but they rang up for $4.98. I told the cashier and she changed the price. Lesson learned! :)

I didn't go to Vons today because I either didn't need what they had on sale, or their sales prices weren't low enough.

At Ralphs today, I spent $14.46 and saved $18.73. Fritos and Cheetos were on sale for $1.50, Deluxe ice cream for $1.88 + $.40 store coupon, Ralphs bakery cookies for $1.98 and Quaker rice cakes for $1.