Friday Savings

Today at Walmart I spent $69.12 and had $3.10 in coupons. Thankfully I checked my freezer before I left because my freezer list said I had 10 pork chops and I only have 3. That definitely wouldn't be enough for dinner tomorrow night, with my parents coming over. So, I had to buy some at Walmart and I wasn't happy about it because I thought they weren't on sale; but much to my surprise they were on sale for $3.21/pound! I also bought Reach Floss for a profit. It was on sale for $.97 and I had a $1 coupon. It wouldn't ring up so I told the cashier it was probably because the coupon was for more than the product, but she went ahead and manually entered it for $1. That was lucky!

At Vons I spent $9.69 and saved $13.77, which is 59%. Lucerne Creamery ice cream and Breyers ice cream was on sale for $1.99, and pears for $.99/pound. I was going to buy Dannon 4-pack yogurt for $1.99 + $.55 coupon, but noticed it was on sale at Walmart for $1.92, so I bought it there instead.

At Ralphs I spent $30.77 and saved $40.49. Their Big K 12 pack soda was on sale for $1.77, red grapes $.79/pound, Kelloggs cereal $1.50 + $1 coupon, Red and Golden delicious apples for $.88/lb., Hot/Lean pockets $1.49, Juicy Juice $1.99, Pepperidge Farm swirl bread $1.99, and CapriSun $1.49. I also had a coupon for double points, so I earned 249 reward points! This earning cycle just started Oct. 1 and I've already earned 776 points! Last quarter I didn't earn enough to get any money back, but so far I've earned enough to get $7 back, although this cycle doesn't end until Dec. 31.