Friday Savings

Today at Walmart, I spent $62.58 and had $3.75 in coupons. This trip wasn't so bad. I had a few coupons that were going to expire, so I bought a couple of things with them. These are things we use all the time - I didn't just buy them because the coupon was going to expire.

Today at Vons, I spent $9.35 and saved $13.03, which is 58%. Safeway apple juice was on sale for $.97(us and charity), Goldfish for $1(us and charity), and red apples for $.99/pound.

Today at Ralphs, I spent $8.43 and saved $22.82! That was a good shopping trip! Fritos and Cheetos were on sale for $.99, General Mills Cereal for $1.49 + 2 - $.65 coupons which were doubled + $1 coupon + 2 - $.55 ecoupons, and pears for $.79/pound. I also earned 50 extra rewards from online. By the way, I actually got "paid" $.12 for my 2 Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal boxes because of all the coupons!

At CVS yesterday, I spent $.48 and saved $14.31! Bumble Bee tuna was on sale for $.49(us and charity) and I had my rainchecks for 2 for $5 Quaker oatmeal + $1 coupon + $2 in extra bucks to use next time. I also had $4.99 in extra bucks to use. I also had to refill my son's prescription and I had a manufacturer's coupon for his medicine, so I only had to pay $15, instead of $25. Plus, they gave me back the coupon to use for his next refill!

Yesterday, I also saved at Big 5 Sporting Goods. I've needed new tennis shoes for awhile now, and they were finally on sale this week. So, I bought my tennis shoes for $39.99, on sale from $69.99 original price. So, see, you can find deals on things other than just groceries.