Monday Savings

On Friday night at CVS, I spent $.50 and saved $3.25. It would be great if every time worked out like that! Brachs Halloween mix was on sale for $.88, and Dawn for $.96 = $.50 coupon(charity). I also wanted an Oral B Vitality toothbrush, but they were out of stock, so I had to get a raincheck. I used $1.80 in extra bucks from last week to help pay for my purchase. Every quarter, you also earn extra bucks based on a percentage of your purchases. So, for the summer quarter, I received $3.50 in extra bucks.

At Albertsons today, I spent $10.92 and saved $3.20. Zucchini was on sale for $.99/pound(since my garden isn't producing any more), Shopper's Value ice cream $2.50, and Butler Gum toothbrush $1(charity). I paid with a $10 gift card(so I only had to pay $.92) that we received yesterday. Yesterday was Harbor Days in Oceanside, and they were having a special on the San Diego Union Tribune. It's $10 every month for the Thurs. - Sun. delivery, and for signing up, you received a gift - we chose the Albertson's gift card. Thus, my first month is essentially free. We already receive a newspaper, but all the great coupon advice blogs and websites suggest getting more than one paper on the weekends because each one has some different ads and coupons. So, I'll see how it works out and let you know.

I didnt' go to Fresh and Easy this week because they didn't have any sales I was interested in. I didn't go to Smart and Final because I didn't receive their flier again. I'll have to look online sometime and see if it's available there.