Monday Savings

Friday night at CVS, I spent $.07, and saved $12.84! I think this is my best deal yet! Dawn was on sale for $.97 + $.25 coupon(charity), Gold Emblem chips for $1, Dial Soap for $1.99 + $1 extra bucks for next time, and Colgate Total Advanced $2.99 + $1 coupon + $2.99 extra bucks for next time(charity). I also had $7.70 in extra bucks to use from last time. It was actually $8 extra bucks, but they can't be used to pay for the tax. If it would've been a bigger loss than $.30, I probably wouldn't have used it, but $.30 isn't too bad.

At Fresh and Easy today, I spent $4.99 and saved $1.96. Their apple juice was on sale 2 for $2. I also bought some chocolate covered stick pretzels for $2.99 because my daughter likes them, and she's having her best friend sleep over this weekend for her 12th birthday, so I decided to buy her a treat. That's o.k. sometimes. The cashier was very nice to my 3 year old son. She gave him crayons, a sticker, and a tattoo. She also had one of the stockers go in the back and get him a coloring book. My son was thrilled!

At Albertsons today, I spent $11.86 and saved $8.05. Lunchables were on sale for $1, cream of mushroom soup $.79(us and charity), and Nabisco Vanilla Wafers $2.50. I also bought ice cream cups again, that weren't on sale. I was lucky the Vanilla Wafers were on sale - they weren't on my shopping list, but my 11 year old daughter has a stomach bug(lucky it's this weekend and not next), so I needed to buy them for her.