Friday Savings

Well, I had another good week at Walmart. I only spent $46.36 and had $2.75 in coupons. I didn't have too many groceries to buy, because I'm using a lot of what's in my pantry for dinner. I did have a lot of misc. stuff to buy though, like photo mailers, a frame, and personal care items. Vitamins are expensive - $8.44 for one a day teens, but luckily I had a $2 coupon.

Today at Vons, I spent $5.54 and saved $2.72, which is 33%. Unfortunately, not my usual 50% or more, but I didn't buy much. Cauliflower was on sale for $.99/pound, and sliced olives for $.99.

At Ralphs today, I spent $12.78 and saved $22.91! That's much better. Nabisco crackers were on sale for $.99 + $1 coupon, oranges $.99/pound, Gatorade $.49, Campbell's cream of chicken soup $.49, Pepperidge Farms cookies $1.99 + $1 coupon, and Quaker rice cakes $.99.