Monday Savings

Today at Albertsons, I spent $17.82 and saved $26.52. Lunchables were on sale for $1, Dole juice $2.50, zucchini $.99/pound, Betty crocker brownies and cake mix $.49 + $.75 coupons, Betty Crocker frosting $.99, Keebler pie crust $.99 and Quaker cereal $1.49 + $.50 coupon(us & charity). The cashier thought the zucchini were cucumbers, and when I told her zucchini or italian squash, she thought that was funny! I don't know why, but at least it made her laugh. :)

At Fresh and Easy I spent $6.96, and it never lists my savings. 2 pounds of yellow onions were on sale for $.98. I also bought some chocolate pretzels and fruit candies for my kids(those weren't on sale, but the price was good).

At Smart and Final, I spent $13.57 and saved $2.76. Their ice cream was on sale for $2.49, toaster strudels for $1.99, pears for $.99/pound and their 10 pound rice is always a low price $3.59. Now, I thought I was going to save more because on the ad on the computer, I thought the toaster strudels were a 12 count box, not a 6 count. I was wrong, unfortunately, but my son needed them so I bought them anyway because I had a coupon. Well, I never used the coupon! The lady in front of me was buying a lot of things, so the cashier called for another cashier. This new cashier was in a huge hurry, and she had scanned all my items before I made it to the register, so I forgot about my coupon. In fact, she left before I could finish checking my receipt. I noticed she hadn't charged me for the rice, so the other cashier had to call her up again. When I was gathering my things from the cart, I noticed my coupon, but it was too late. Oh well! I feel bad, but I guess that's bound to happen sometimes. Have any of you ever forgot to use a coupon?