Friday Savings

Yesterday, Albertsons had an 8 hour sale. I spent $4.96 and saved $11. Hansens juice was on sale for $.99, and Ruffles for $1.49. Too bad the limit on both was only 2.

At Walmart today, I spent $81.73 and used $1.75 in coupons. It's more than usual because $20 was for a gift card for a family that my husband's work is sponsoring. They sponsored the family last year because the teenage boy was hit by a hit and run driver; and they're sponsoring them again this year because unfortunately, the boy recently died and the mom is a single mom with other kids and she can't afford to give them a Christmas.

At Vons, I spent $13.79 and saved $12.51, which was 48%. Refreshe soda was on sale for $1.88, Crest toothpaste $.99 + $.75 coupon which was doubled making the item free(charity), rice-a-roni $.89, and Safeway Select ice cream $2.49. Oscar Meyer hot dogs were on sale for $.99, but they were out, so I had to get a rain check. That was disappointing because on Sunday I'm making a dinner with hot dogs, rice, and peas. Oh well!

At Ralphs, I spent $10.56 and saved $27.62. I had to calculate the savings myself because the part of the receipt that tells you the savings, ripped off in the cash register! That's my favorite part of the receipt! Anyway, broccoli and cauliflower were on sale for $.88/pound, Cheerios $1.79 + $1 coupon, Hot/Lean pockets $.99 + $.50 coupon which was doubled, and $.79 Quaker rice cakes.

At CVS, I spent $1.76 and saved $14.23! Dawn was on sale for $.88 + $.25 coupon, V05 $.77, Suave deoderant $.89 + $.75 coupon, and Complete multi-purpose contact solution $9.9 + $9.99 extra bucks for next week. I also used $11 in extra bucks to pay for the purchase. Everything I bought is for charity.