Friday Savings

Yesterday at CVS, I spent $2.38 and saved $9.04. Crest Pro-Health toothpaste was on sale for $2.99 + $2 extra bucks(charity), Campbells tomato & chicken noodle soup $.50, and Kelloggs cereal $1.88 + $.75 coupon. I also had $3 in extra bucks to help pay.

Today at Walmart I spent $98.32 and used $2.75 in coupons! I had a lot of extra things to buy this week. My 4 year old threw up on Wednesday, so I wasn't able to go to Costco, so I had to buy some things at Walmart that I would normally only buy at Costco. Also, my parents are coming over tomorrow night for my dad's birthday dinner, so I had to buy a lot for that; and since the kids are home from school next week, I had to buy more things for lunch than I normally do. They normally just bring sandwiches for lunch at school, but when they're home I try to make them different lunches, so they get a break from the same thing every day.

At Vons, I spent $17.60 and saved $28.45, which is 64%. Miracle whip was on sale for $2.99 + $1 coupon, broccoli for $.88/pound, coke & 7up were 5 for $10, and I had a coupon from last week's shopping trip for a free Bright Green cleaning product. I've never tried that brand before, so I picked the toilet cleaner. I hope it works great - have any of you ever tried Bright Green cleaning products?

Ralphs didn't have any sales items that interested me this week.

By the way, the person that I give my charity items to, told me that this week she gave away all the items I've given her to a very needy family! I'm so excited that my charity items are going to be used by someone! I will bring her some more items this next week so she has more available to hand out to whoever needs them.