Friday Savings

Today at Walmart, I spent $98.60 and had $3.59 in coupons. I also used a $20 gift card to help pay for the purchase(it was my son's gift card from Christmas, but he wanted to spend the money at Gamestop. So, I told him he could have $20 for Gamestop if he gave me the Walmart gift card to use grocery shopping). The groceries were a lot of money this time because I had my coupons were expiring for Pronamel toothpaste(which is $4.72 each), we bought things like chips and crackers for New Year's Eve, I had to buy pork chops which were $15.51, and I haven't been to Costco so I had to buy a few extra things like milk - all that adds up quickly.

At Vons today, I spent $16.34 and saved $10.61, which was 39%. I thought the savings would be a higher percentage, but oh well! Minute Maid orange juice was on sale for $1.99, Dryers ice cream $2.79(my son got peppermint one last time), and Lucerne stick/string cheese $2.99. Kraft macaroni and cheese was on sale for $.69, but they were all out, so I had to get a rain check. The cashier didn't have any, so I had to go to customer service. There were already a few people in line, unfortunately. When I got to the front, the lady just ripped open my ad, sending my paper clip, shopping list, and receipt flying across the counter. She didn't believe the limit was 10 so she had to call for someone. Eventually she found the limit printed on the ad(I had already told her it was printed there). So, I asked her if people frequently lie about the limit, and she said yes! That's too bad, because then it makes the rest of us have to go through all that. Oh well, the savings will be worth it.

I absolutely loved shopping at CVS today. I spent $15.71 and saved $26.51! Pantene shampoo and conditioner was on sale for 2/$6.97 + $2 extra bucks + $3 coupon(we kept this and traded out our V05 for the charity box - we like to have nice things once in awhile too), Gilette Fusion Pro Glide Razor $9.99 + $4 extra bucks + $4 coupon(this is for my dad because a 5 blade razor is the only one that doesn't cut his face too much - now that he's older his skin is more fragile), Tone body wash $3.88 + $3 extra bucks(charity), Colgate Total $2.99 + $2 extra bucks(charity), Dawn $.94 + $.25 coupon(charity), and Puffs tissue box $.94 + $.25 coupon off 3(charity). I also had $6.79 in extra bucks to use from last week.