Monday Savings

Today I added a new store to my shopping list - Stater Bros. I spent $6.92 and saved $4.10. Dole juice was on sale for $1.99, Michelina's $.69, corn on the com 3 for $.99, zucchini $.49/pound, and asparagus $1.29/pound. It was the thin asparagus too, it's the only kind we like. I liked shopping here because the customers and employees were very friendly. I will definitely shop here again, if they have good sales prices.

At Smart and Final, I spent $9.06 and saved $2.98. I really saved more, but I bought rice that wasn't on sale, although the price is considerably lower than anywhere else. Avocados were on sale for $.50 each, shredded cheese $1.49, and sweet onions were supposed to be on sale for $.79/pound. Every time I buy onions on sale here, they ring up as yellow onions no matter what kind of onion is on sale. Most of the time the price is wrong, and they say they can't do anything about it. So, from now on, I won't buy sale onions from this store. By the way, they rang up as $.99/pound.

At Albertsons, I spent $4.54 and saved $4.52. Oranges were on sale for $.50/pound, Albertsons water chestnuts $.69 and S&W beans $.89. My 4 year old was singing "Jingle Bells" while we were in line. The cashier joined him and had the customer in front of us and me, join in too! It was funny. The cashier said my son brought joy into his day, because my son's happiness was contagious. So, I told him he lives up to him name because Isaac means laughter.