Monday Savings

Today at Albertsons, I spent $7.51 and saved $2.24. The savings isn't that good today because I needed a couple of other items that weren't on sale(things that Walmart doesn't have). Welches juice was on sale for $2.29 and Bounty paper towels for $1 + $.25 coupon(charity).

At Stater Bros. today, I spent $16.58 and saved $15.48. Eggo waffles and pancakes were on sale for $.99, green beans $.69/pound, Hillshire Farms sausage $2.50, Cool Whip $.49, Nabisco Crackers $1.49, and Stove Top stuffing $.99(us and charity).

I'm glad I compare store circulars for the week, because Albertsons had green beans on sale for $.99/pound, but Stater Bros. had them on sale for $.69/pound. I've found this occurs every week among different items at different stores, so it pays to compare them every week. It doesn't take that much time either. I can look at all the store circulars in less than half an hour, and that's even with my kids around. :)