Monday Savings

There weren't any fliers for my usual Monday shopping stores, because the deals all ended on Christmas. So, I'll have to wait and do my usual Monday shopping next week.

However, I did go to Albertsons today because I needed a couple of things and I wanted to check for Christmas candy sales. Yesterday we went to the mall to get some Hickory Farms turkey sausage, but they were all out(other than a $30 box with lots of other items in it that I don't want). I remembered that last year my daughter and I bought some at Albertsons, so that's why we went there today. I spent $24.83 and saved $7.20. Not very good, but better than nothing. The Hickory Farms turkey sausage was on sale for $5.99 + $1 coupon, Christmas candy was 50% off so I bought 2 bags, and since my husband was with me and he likes the white and mint chocolate covered Oreos offered only at Christmas we bought those on sale for $3.69.