Monday Savings

Today at Stater Bros., I spent $31.57 and saved $28.89. Stater Bros. pasta was on sale for $.49(us & charity), SB pasta sauce $.99, Oscar Meyer hot dogs $.99, Goldfish $.99, asparagus $1.29/pound, Hostess $1.99, Danimals/Danino $1.99, and green beans $1.50/pound. They also had Suave deodorant on sale for $.99, but there was only one left and it was all sticky. I was buying this to give away, and I didn't want to give them something sticky, so I didn't buy it. I already have some deodorant in my charity box anyway.

At Fresh and Easy, I just bought orange juice for $1.99. According to their flier, this is just their everyday price, which is a really good price!

At Albertsons, I spent $19.03 and saved $11.76. Campbells chicken noodle soup was on sale for $.39(us & charity), Colgate toothbrush and toothpaste $.99 + $.75 + $.50 coupon(charity), Albertsons can vegetables $.44(us & charity), Albertsons can beans $.79, and Pop Tarts $2.50. Walmart brand of Pop Tarts is cheaper than $2.50, but they don't have very many flavor choices, so once in awhile I'll let my daughter pick some Pop Tarts when they're on sale, so she can have some more variety. Albertsons was all out of Campbells tomato soup, so I asked for a rain check - the clerk knows me, so she didn't write a limit on the rain check, she said I could just write it in myself. It helps to be friendly with the cashiers. :)