Monday Savings

On Friday at CVS, I spent $.63 and saved $17.93! Dawn was on sale for $.97 + $.25 coupon + $.50 coupon + $1 coupon(charity), Neccos sweethearts $.88, Tom's Deodorant $3.99 + $3 extra bucks(charity), and Oral-B floss $2.99 + $2 extra bucks + $.75 coupon. I had one more coupon to use on the Dawn, but when I gave them to the cashier, I thought I counted out 4, unfortunately I was wrong. Oh well! I also used $7.24 in extra bucks to pay for the purchase.

Today at Stater Bros., I spent $8.50 and saved $7.60. I really saved more, but their vegetables only show up at the sale price, it doesn't show what the original price was. Dole juice was on sale for $1.99, Stater Bros. shredded cheese $1.49, and zucchini $.99/pound.

Albertsons or Fresh and Easy didn't have any good sales items this week.

Vons had a special sale for only Sun., Mon., and Tues, and the deals were really good on things I buy, so I went there again today. I spent $22.04 and saved $24.74, which is 53%. Danimals were on sale for $1.88. Hormel bacon $2.99, Ragu pasta sauce $.99(us & charity), Pop Tarts $1.49, and Lucerne ice cream $1.79. Since I bought $20 worth of products, I could use 2 free coupons so I got a free 1 pound Safeway rice(charity) and a free 16 oz. frozen corn.