Amazon Certificates

I participate in some online communities and survey sites. One of the communities, gives me a $10 Amazon certificate every month if I log in every week and participate in the community by answering surveys and being a part of the discussions. I also won $50 in a special 3 week Holiday Diary project I completed in December. I realized yesterday that I had $81 worth of Amazon certificates.

So, my daughter is running out of her Sensodyne Pronamel for Children toothpaste, and absolutely no store around here carries it anymore. I looked for it online and found a 6 pack of toothpaste at Amazon. Also, my sons both need humidifiers at various times throughout the year, and we only have one - a warm mist humidifier. That's fine for now, but in the summer a cool mist humidifier would be best. So, I looked on Amazon and found a Sponge Bob Humidifier for $39.99 + a filter for about $7. My blow dryer has been acting funny for the past couple of months - it keeps turning off and on, and I can only use it if I bend down a little and hold the blow dryer in a certain way. So, I found a blow dryer on Amazon too. I spent enough to qualify for free shipping, and after using my certificates, I only had to spend $4 of my own money. Not too bad of a deal!