Friday Savings

Yesterday at Walgreens, I spent $5.65 and saved $16.99. Big roll toilet paper was on sale for $.50(charity), Walgreens gummy bears buy one get one free, Soft soap $.99(charity), and Dove deodorant $1.99 + 2 $2 coupons(us and charity). I've never tried Dove deodorant before, but I noticed they have one for sensitive skin, so I think I'll try it. Have any of you with sensitive skin tried that Dove deodorant before?

At CVS, I spent $1.74 and saved $12.16. Colgate Total was on sale for $2.99 + $2 extra bucks + $.50 coupon(charity), Gold Emblem jelly beans $.99 + $.99 extra bucks, and Glade air freshner $.99. I also had $9.58 in extra bucks from last time to use to pay for my purchases. I wanted to buy 2 Glade air freshners, but they only had one kind we could buy - apple cinnamon. We can't buy country garden because of my son's allergies; and we thought clean linen might be nice, but we sprayed it and at first my daughter and I couldn't smell it, but a few seconds later when we did, we both said "eww" at the same time. So, we obviously didn't buy that one. :)

Today at Walmart, I spent $59.92 and had $5.25 in coupons. The cashier announced how much my coupons were as she entered them and totaled them up. She said another woman had $60 in coupons! I told her I shop at 10 different stores in order to find the best prices, and she said it wasn't worth all that trouble to her, she just goes to the $.99 store.

At Vons, I spent $14.48 and saved $12.46. Kraft macaroni and cheese was on sale for $.69(us and charity), can fruit $.88, broccoli $.88/pound, string cheese $2.99, Hot/Lean pockets $1.69 + $.40 coupon(doubled), and 5 pound potatoes $.49. When I checked my receipt before leaving the store, I noticed the potato coupon didn't ring up. So, I went back to the cashier and he refunded me $2.50.

At Ralphs, I spent $4.02 and saved $37.89! Now that was an exciting shopping trip! Whole chickens were on sale for $.59/pound, brown onions $.50/pound, Gatorade $.69, Eggos $1.19 + $.50 coupon(doubled), and Caprisun $1.69. Plus, I earned $3 to use next time again. I also used my $3 from last time and my quarter earnings of $9.00.