Friday and Monday Savings

We had such a busy weekend since my daughter had a dance show on Sunday, I wasn't able to post my Friday Savings, so I combined it with today's.

On Thursday afternoon at Walgreens, I spent $1.61 and saved $17.43. Lays Stax chips were on sale 5 for $5 and Softsoap Body Wash 2 for $7 + $5 in register rewards. I also had $11 in register rewards from last time to help pay for this trip.

At CVS, I spent $3.59 and saved $29.87. I had a coupon from the internet for a bag of free gummy worms, various General Mills cereal $1.77 + 3 $.55 coupons + $.75 coupon, Revlon nail polish $3.99 + $3 extra bucks + $1 coupon, and a rain check for Oral B Satin floss $3.29 + $3.29 in extra bucks which the cash register rounded up to $4. I also had $10.99 in extra bucks from last time to help pay for this trip.

On Friday at Walmart, I spent $55.87 and had $3.50 in coupons. I had to buy several sizes of safety pins and other supplies for dance, which was around $13.

At Vons, I spent $31.84 and saved $35.89. Doritos were 2 for $3, Barilla pasta $.88(us & charity), broccoli $.88/pound, buy one get one free Lucerne whipped cream, $2.49 Breyers, Welches refrigerated juice $1.77, and Lucerne ice cream $2.29. The one thing I don't like about Vons, is the sales don't always show on the computer screen, some of them don't show until you get your receipt. So, the whipped cream showed up on the screen as full price, and the cashier printed a receipt, and she thought it still showed it at full price, so she took $4.99 off my bill. Well, when I got the receipt and looked at over, as I always do before I leave the store, it did only charge me $4.99 for the whipped cream. So, I went to customer service to remedy it(because previously when I've gone back to the cashier, they tell me to go to customer service), but of course they told me to get in line and go back to the cashier so her drawer won't be short. I gave the $5 to the cashier, and she was irritated at me by now, so instead of ringing it up, she just threw the $5 in the drawer and gave me back a penny from something she had on the counter! So, she's still going to be off $5 in her drawer!

At Ralphs, I spent $2.90 and saved $9.60. Green grapes were on sale for $.88/pound and Hillshire Farms lunchmeat $1.99. I also had $3 I earned from last week to use to help pay for this trip.

Today, at Stater Bros., I spent $6.59 and saved $13.20. Doritos were 2 for $3, cabbage $.29/pound, and carrots $1.29 for 2 pounds. I also had to buy French bread for tonight's and tomorrow night's dinner, which wasn't on sale.

Albertsons didn't have any good sales items for me this week.

Fresh and Easy didn't have any sales either, but as always, their orange juice is only $1.99. I also bought chocolate covered pretzel pieces for $2.99 because my kids like them for a small treat.