Friday and Monday Savings

It was another very busy dance competition weekend, so I'm combining both days of savings again. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have time to tell you all about this weekend - it was very eventful!

On Thursday afternoon at Walgreens, I spent $1.21 and saved $15.81. Tuf paper towels were on sale for $.50(charity), Dial hand soap $.99 + $.35 coupon(charity), Barbasol and Pure Silk shaving cream $.99(charity), toilet paper $.50(charity), and Orbit gum $.99. I also had $8 in register rewards to use from last time.

At CVS, I spent $1.57 and saved $22.90. The cashier told me I did a great job saving money! Dial Nutriskin lotion was on sale for $4.99 + $3 extra bucks + $1 coupon, Crest mouthwash $3.49 + $2.50 extra bucks + 2 + $1 coupons(us & charity), and Irish Spring body wash $2.99 + $2 extra bucks.

On Friday at Walmart, I spent $69.36 and used $1.25 in coupons. $25 of the total was not for groceries. One of the items was a stand up magnifying mirror(for my daughter to put on her dance makeup) for $18.67! I thought that was a lot of money, but they had another one for about $30!

At Vons, I spent $20.30 and saved $23.10, which is 53%. Country Crock margarine was on sale for $2.79, Bumblebee tuna $.50(us & charity), Fuji apples $.88/pound, Dole juice $1.99, Green Giant can vegetables $.49(us & charity), Danon kids yogurt $1.77 + 2 + $1 coupons, and Fritos/Cheetos $1.49.

At Ralphs, I spent $11.54 and saved $23.55. Pears were $.99/pound, brown onions $.50/pound, Ronzoni pasta $.49(charity), S&W tomatoes $.69(charity), Quaker rice cakes $.99 + $2 store coupon, and $.99 Lunchables. The cashier told me that was a great time to use my Quaker coupon.

Today at Stater Bros., I spent $10.41 and saved $12.51. Cuties were $2.99 + $.35 coupon, Top Ramen $.16(us & charity), green beans $1.50/pound, Oscar Meyer hot dogs $.99, Manwich $.99(us & charity), and Jell-O pudding $.79.

At Albertsons, I spent $2.51 and saved $4.96. Honey Nut Cheerios were on sale for $1.88 + $.55 coupon, and Budget Gourmet $.59.