Friday Savings

Since it's not a dance competition weekend for us, I can post these savings on time.
On Thursday afternoon at Walgreens, I spent $8.68 and saved $7.65. Comet and gloves were on sale 2 for $1(us & charity), Method hand soap $2.99 + $2 register rewards(charity), Arm & Hammer deodorant $.99(charity), and Plackers Flossers(charity) $2 + $2 register rewards.

At CVS, I spent $7.48 and saved $15.80. Allegra was on sale for $6.99 + $6.99 extra bucks(charity), 3 pack Ivory soap $.97(charity), Colgate toothbrush $2.77 + $2 extra bucks(charity), Oral B floss $3.49 + $2.50 extra bucks(charity), VO5 $.77(charity), and Suave deodorant $1 + $.75 coupon(charity), I also had $10 in extra bucks to use to pay for my purchase from last time.

Today at Walmart, I spent $61.33 and had $2.50 in coupons. I also had a $10 gift card to use from my husband filling out a survey at work. $14 was non-grocery purchases, like school supplies, cleaning supplies, and personal items.

At Vons, I spent $18.83 and saved $27.87, which is 60%. Kleenex was on sale for $.99(us & charity), Kraft salad dressing $.99, Vanilla wafers and Chips Ahoy $1.99, Lucerne cream cheese $1, and yellow onions $.99/pound. I also had to buy whipping cream for a cornbread recipe, which unfortunately wasn't on sale.

At Ralphs, I spent $3.52 and saved $3.50. Michelina's was on sale for $.88, and cauliflower $.99/pound. My 4 year old was having fun hearing the squeaking noise his wet from the rain shoes made on the floor, and a lady stopped to talk to him about it. She said she has 4 grown kids, and she remembers those days.