Friday Savings

Yesterday at Walgreens, I spent $3.49 and saved $17.42. White Rain body wash(give to charity) was on sale for $.50, bath poof(give to charity) $.99, hairbrush set(give to charity) $.99, Russel Stover & Snickers eggs $.29 + 2 $1 coupons, Speed Stick deodorant(give to charity) $1.99 + $1 register rewards + $.50 coupon, aluminum foil(give to charity) $.69, and 24 Ibuprofen(give to charity) $.99. I also had an internet coupon for between 15-20% off each item I bought. I had $4 in register rewards from last week to help pay for my purchase. This trip took a long time because the cashier had trouble with all my coupons again. One of the coupons wouldn't scan, so none of the ones after that would either. Finally a manager got it fixed and then at the end, the cashier pointed out my % off coupon. Well, that was a coupon that had to be used at the very beginning of the transaction, so all my things had to be voided out and re-entered! Luckily, she knew where she had put my coupons. Also, the poof was ringing up as $1.70 and she voided one of the entries, but not the second one(which I had to prove to her by leaning over the counter as far as I could and showing her on the receipt, which was still in the cash register, that she hadn't voided it yet).

At CVS, I spent $1.39 and saved $$16.85. Skintimate shave gel(give to charity) was on sale for $3.49 + $2.50 extra bucks + $.55 coupon, Colgate toothbrushes(give to charity) $2.75 + $2 extra bucks, Halls cough drops(one for us, one for charity) $1.87 + $1 extra buck + 2 $.75 coupons, and 3 for $1 CVS pocket tissues. I also had $11.49 in extra bucks to use from last time. This is the second time now that my daughter and I have forgot to ask for a rain check for the sliced olives. I just get so caught up in making sure everything rings up right, that I forget about the rain check.

Today at Walmart, I only spent $48.82 and had $2.25 in coupons. $6 of the bill was for cough medicine for the kids and for me.

At Vons, I spent $11.37 and saved $9.14, which is 45%. Yoplait Splitz yogurt was on sale for $1.99 + $.75 coupon, green beans $.99/pound, Farmland bacon $2.99, and Ritz $1.99. Unfortunately, the spring Ritz crackers were only on sale for $2.50. Apparently the coupon for $1.99 didn't work for the "holiday" Ritz. Oh well!

At Ralphs, I spent $4.77 and saved $5.36. Deluxe ice cream was on sale for $1.99 + $.40 coupon, and Gala apples $.99/pound.