Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Review

As a BzzAgent, I was sent a Glade PlugIns Crisp Waters Scented Oil to review. The scented oil can fit in either a Glade or Air Wick Scented Oil Warmer. If you buy a Glade PlugIns Lasting Impressions warmer, it has 2 spots for scented oil, and it alternates scents every 45 minutes. This helps your fragrance last for 60 days, so it can always smell like fresh springtime in your home, no matter what the weather is outside. There are 2 scent combinations available: Clean linen and Sunny Days or Hawaiian Breeze and Vanilla Passion Fruit. You can also make your own combinations, like crisp waters and lavender & vanilla. The possibilities are as numerous as the number of scented oils available from both Glade and Air Wick.

I didn't have a Scented Oil warmer, so I had to buy one, but luckily BzzAgent sent me a coupon, so it only cost $1.88 to buy my warmer(a normal warmer is only $4.88 at Walmart, so that's not bad even without the coupon). Since my 14 year old son has allergies, we decided to plug in the warmer in our room, so that the scent wouldn't bother him. It was very easy to figure out how to open the oil and place it in the warmer and then plug it in. The plug rotates, so you can match it to the configuration of your electric plug. Well, my husband absolutely loves the smell of the Crisp Waters scented oil. Every time he enters our bedroom, he mentions how good it smells. He likes it so much that he said he wants to get one for the downstairs bathroom. My son uses the computer in the hall alcove outside our bedroom, and he said he could smell it a little bit, but that it wasn't bad and it didn't bother him. I'm also very sensitive to certain "perfumy" smells, but the crisp waters smells very nice, although it's hard to describe the scent. You'll just have to try it yourself.

If you would like to learn more about Glade Scented Oils and Oil Warmers, you can click here for the Glade web page, or here for the Glade Facebook page. When our Crisp Waters scented oil runs out, I'm looking forward to trying the Hawaiian Breeze and Vanilla Passion Fruit. Then, maybe every time I entire my bedroom, it will feel like I'm entering a tropical paradise!

If you've ever tried any of the Glade Scented Oils, let me know what you think and which ones are your favorite scents.