Monday Savings

Today at Stater Bros., I spent $5.49 and saved $6.37. Cabbage was on sale for $.50/pound, and Honey Nut Cheerios and Toaster strudels were 3 for $5 + $.60 coupon. You could only buy the 3 for $5 one time, I wish I could've bought more.

At Fresh and Easy, I spent $6.15 and saved $3.96. Unfortunately, their orange juice went up to $2.19, from $1.99, but it's still cheaper than most places. Quaker rice cakes were on sale buy one get one free, which essentially made them $.99 each. There wasn't a limit on how many you could buy, but they only had 2 flavors, so I only bought 4.

At Albertsons, I spent $11.15 and saved $10.24. Zucchini was on sale for $.99/pound, 12 pack of soda and Danimals yogurt were 2 for $4 + $1 coupon you can use next time, and I got a free gallon of milk from last week's cereal purchase. There were only 3 milks left on the shelf and they all had milk on them, so when I saw the guy in the back, I asked him if he had any more milk. Lucky for me, he did, and he even gave me 2 to choose from.