My Stater Bros. and Albertsons Shopping Trips

Today at Stater Bros., I spent $10.05 and saved $7.38(I really saved more, but the produce sales doesn't show up on the receipt). Here's what I bought:
Asparagus $1.99/pound = $2.07
2 Hillshire Farms Smoked Sausage $2.50 each = $5
2 Chips Ahoy $1.99 each - $1 coupon = $2.98

At Albertsons, I spent $23.07 and saved $24.17, which is 52%. Here's what I bought:
4 Danimals/Danino $2 each = $8
1 Kraft BBQ sauce $.79
4 Pasta/Rice-a-Roni $.79 each = $3.16
1 Wishbone Salad Dressing $.99
4 Ruffles chips $1.99 each = $7.96
1 Albertsons milk $4.19 - $4 instant coupon for buying 4 Danimals = $.19

I really had a difficult time getting that $4 off the milk! The ad said $4 off the milk instantly - in all the previous ads that meant I earned a free coupon for milk. Well, I didn't' receive one, so the cashier said to go and get a milk and he would re-ring it up with the Danimals, and it should take off $4. Well, it didn't. So, the manager had to take off the $4 manually. Then, it wouldn't refund the Danimals from the first purchase properly, so they had to manually enter a refund for $8. That wouldn't come off the card I had paid it with, so they had to give me cash back. Meanwhile, the people behind me in the 15 item or less line were not very happy at how long they had to wait in the "quick check" line. We all apologized, so hopefully that helped.