Sand to Pearls Book Review

I'm a book reviewer for Bring It On Communications, and the latest book I was sent to review was, Sand to Pearls, written by Heidi McLaughlin. Heidi is a teacher, mentor, and a great inspiration to women. The book was published by Deep River Books in 2011.

Sand to Pearls is a great book about "making bold choices to enrich your life." It's about how our insecurities can hold us back from the wonderful future that God has planned for us. The book has 13 Chapters and each chapter covers a different topic that women often get stuck in. These topics are obligations, sabotaging ourselves, friendships, resentment, blended families, buyer's remorse, comparing ourselves to others, fears, regrets, shame, panic, and careers. The author shares personal stories and examples in each chapter and how to move past the area you're stuck in. She also quotes from other books, which give wonderful encouraging, inspiring words to help you move forward in your life. Every chapter has a section about how to make choices that enrich your life that are very practical and helpful. Also, every chapter ends with a section entitled, "Stop and Ask God To Help You Change Sand to Pearls." Each "s" is a scripture, "t" is thanksgiving, "o" is observation, and "p" is prayer.

I really enjoyed this book and found a lot of practical ways to help turn my insecurities into a wonderful new life that I can live for God. One of my favorite things I learned was in Chapter 6 " Broken or Blended." Although, I've been married to my one and only husband for 16 years, I still found something great in this chapter. It talks about how your husband can't meet all of your emotional and spiritual needs, that God is the one to look to in order to meet all the empty places in our hearts. This really spoke to me - and I think reminding myself to turn to God will take a lot of pressure off my husband and make our marriage happier. Another thing I liked was in Chapter 12 "Panic or Prayer." It suggests to say a prayer to God, thinking of words that describe him using every letter of the alphabet. What a great challenge!

If you want to read this book yourself, the ISBN numbers are: ISBN-10 1-935265-43-1, ISBN-13 978-1-935265-43-6. You can find it at on sale for $2.53! What a great price! You can also contact Heidi McLaughlin on her web page.