My Walgreens and CVS Shopping Trip

Today at Walgreens, I spent $3.36 and saved $13.33, which is 80%! Here's what I bought:
3 Toilet paper and 3 Paper towel rolls $.50 each = $3.00
3 Cream of Chicken soup $.79 each = $2.37 - $.40 coupon = $1.97
1 Blistex cold & allergy lip care $2.00 each + $2.00 register rewards
2 Deerfield Shredded cheddar cheese $3.00, from a rain check

When the register tried to print the register rewards, it was out of tape. So, when they refilled it, it wouldn't print my rewards. The manager ended up giving me a gift card with $2.00 on it instead.

I also had $7.00 in register rewards from last time to help pay for this shopping trip.

At CVS, I spent $2.40 and saved $17.77, which is 89%! Here's what I bought:
1 Revlon lip gloss $5.99 + $5.00 extra bucks
3 Barilla pasta $.99 each = $2.97
6 V05 shampoo & conditioner $.66 each = $3.96

I also had $11.29 in extra bucks from last time to help pay for this shopping trip.

The cashier asked where my little one was, so I told her he was at kindergarten. She said her daughter just pulled her granddaughter out of public school kindergarten to a private school because there's too many kids in the classroom. My son has 29 kids in his classroom, and on Wednesdays, both a.m. and p.m. kinder. come at the same time, so there are 60 on that day!